Access Virus Conversion Table for Surge

This chart shows how to use "Surge" Synthesizer to emulate like the popular virtual analog "Access Virus".

Ti is the reference.


Access Virus Surge
Classic Classic -> Sawtooth
Wavetable Wavetable
Pulse Width Width
Sub OSC Sub Width
OSC Volume OSCn level (n=1,2,3)
Key Follow Keytrack
Pan Spread "Wide" or "Stereo" Filter Block
OSC Shape: Left: Sine, Mid: Saw, Right: Square / Pulse Left offset: Sine, Feedback; Right offset: Shape, left side
Wave Select Sine, Shape (8 Shapes)
Arpeggiator Step Seq
HyperSaw Classic OSC, Shape 0%, Uni Count (Ranges: 0-9)
HyperSub Sub Level
HyperSync Sync
Wavetable Index Wavetable, Morph
Wave PWM Wavetable, Formant
Cutoff / Resonance Cutoff / Resonance
Key Follow Keytrack, F1 / F2
Low Pass Mode 1,2,3 (Low Pass)
High Pass Mode 4,5 (High Pass)
Band Pass Mode 6 (Band Pass)
Band Stop Notch
Filter Envelope Filter EG
Amplifier Envelope Amp EG
FM / Sync Oscillator FM Routing, 2 > 1
FM Amount / Sync Amount FM Depth / Classic, Sync
ENV -> FM / Sync LFO1-6 Envelope -> FM Depth / Classic, Sync
VEL -> FM / Sync Velocity Envelope -> FM Depth / Classic, Sync
Voices Uni Count
Detune Uni Spread
Pan Spread Width (Stereo & Wide filter block)
LFO Phase OSC Drift
Key Mode: Poly, Mono 1-4, Held Poly, Mono, Mono ST, Mono FP, Mono ST+FP, Latch