Sound Library Guide

General Rules
You may You may not Never
Record from Access Virus / Surge / JP-8000 (BUT REMEMBER! NEVER USE BULITIN WAVETABLE!) / JP-6 / JP-8 (Real Hardware Analog Synthesizers also can be used)

Record from acoustic instruments

Compare with sample-based synthesizer / Arranger Keyboards, then use free or self-recorded samples to make (Don't sample directly. only for reference. You only own the rights for use)
Record from a non-free or commercial sources (e.g. VSTi's, SFXs. You're infringed the laws or rights if you do this!!!)

Record directly from a sample-based digital synthesizers / Romplers / Arranger Keyboards or Linear Synthesizers (Samples are copyrighted by producers therefore can't be used for sample source!). You're just buy and play them, no other rights.

Link-up / download / find Video Game / Mobile related materials (Copyrighted by devs, producers and companies. This will illegal because you're infringed the copyrights or laws! DO NOT DO ANYTHING!)

Link-up / download Crisis GeneralMIDI materials (These are copyrighted/protected and archived!! I have the right to report to correspond site admin if some sample libs that linked up with CGM!!)

Download any normal people's SF, as they're all legal issue!
Use free "PCM" Samples for synthesized tones

Record your own "PCM" Samples for synthesized tones
Use non-free/non-libre materials on open source materials (Such as: CC Sampling+, "Philharmonia" restriction [This means prohibit for making sample lib! Now down], etc.)

Create derivatives of "All Rights Reserved" (exclude BSD and MIT) materials

"Creditless" collections (This should be G357. We can't found the source easily)

Re-license restrictive (Non-free/non-libre)
materials under a free license (They're not licensee, this is G350). You have to report to Sample Lib creator, Polyphone Website Admin (Davy), etc. Must choose "Licensing Grey Area" if it's not CC-BY-NC licensed.

Ignore license field on Musical Artifacts, cause license mis-match (Contact LFZ if this exists!)

Use CC older than 3.0 (CC-BY 3.0+ is the mininum of DFSG Compatible License, along with CC-BY-SA 4.0)

Ignore license selection (G354)
Use illegal proxy tools (G525)
Use permissive / copyleft licensed materials
(Even BSD license have "All Rights Reserved", This is still freely-licensed)

Release to Public Domain (CC0. Don't use WTFPL. I've contacted LFZ for add CC0)

Combine all GPL-compatible works (Not Copyleft works or GPL works by itself). The final work must be licensed on a fully compatible licenses.

Attach License File on sf2 (This is called License Override)
Re-license copylefted materials

Re-license freedom materials under non-free license

GPL Works specific: Use CC-BY-SA 3 (355; CC-BY 3 and 4 are GPLV3 compatible)

Stardream Project specific: Use anything unsuitable licenses but GPL-compatible (1010312, See FreePats)

Use the samples without approval (1010305)
Use lossless audio formats like FLAC, WAV, etc. Use lossy audio formats (1-way. Like Bagpipe on freesound, it's MP3 format)

Use anything not accessible domains to workspace leader (G513)
Use SF2, SFZ (Direct Samples) or SF4 (This is GPL V2 licensed; Therefore GPL V3 incompatible)
Use compressed formats, such as SFARK, SFPACK and SFOGG, etc. Only non-commercial exclusive programs support these formats!!!!!!!!! (Unless lossy sf3 and FLAC-compressed sf4 [Pure GPL V2]) License infos on the compressed SoundFonts also nullified!!!!
Use GIG (Current only LMMS and non-free LinuxSampler support)
Use sf3 (Lossy, 1-way)
Use Virtual MIDI Cables on normal / formal purposes other than Linux (All non-commercial use only on Windows and non-free for Mac [Even commerical use is permitted]. All Free Software Virtual MIDI Cables are ONLY available in Linux!!!). Buy a MIDI Keyboard instead if not Linux.

Record from a sample lib (If it's libre, use directly-process method instead)

Use NKI / EXS (Shareware only format) / etc. It can be extracted if the file is non-monolithic and Libre Samples (Such as CdM Gamelan, AL V2). Therefore is not suitable for a DFSG-compatible Sample Libs!

Download compressed SoundFonts (Only programs that restriction of commercial use can be decoded!)
Record mono samples for: Monosynthes and Electric Instruments that it's only mono input
Record natural stereo / surround samples for: Others, like Polysynthes, Acoustic Instruments

Record all notes as possible. (This will waste spaces. Also can: 3-4 per octave for acoustic, 2-4 per octave for synth)

Record different articulations

Record different velocity layers, or use Filter Cutoff
on velocity layers

Record single notes (Oneshot)

Mix different samples (Synthesis + [{Libre
or self-recorded} + Acoustic PCM]), This is "Linear
Synthesis", one of Roland's technology

Use LMMS to control a FS Synthesizer VST
Record via amplifier (Later can be processed via Audacity / LMMS); Qiong S82 will occur if not Electric Guitars or Electric Basses, G9411 if Electric Guitars or Electric Basses

Record samples that less than <44.1khz, 16bit
Skip too many notes

Record twice, even polysynthes (G312, broken stereo link). Natural Stereo is required!

Use Synister (Ailas Issue)

Add DSP FX internally (This is sample lib exclusive. Later can be processed via Audacity / LMMS. Bypass internal FX if is for sample lib; Otherwise G9811!)

+Reverb on mono electric tones (G9811)

Record loops, phrases and chords internally (Must use LMMS to do loops/phrases and use single layer with different pitch for chords!! Otherwise G9x)
Use Guitar Rig (Shareware!!! Guitarix is not available on Windows or Mac! Use LMMS or Audacity if you're using Windows or Mac)

Record from a non-free and commercial Synthesizer VSTi's (E.g. Most vst4free Synth VSTi's)

Basic project specific: Use / submit any "ReVintage Zone" (ReVintage, Resynthesis Technology projects) exclusive tones (Will damage HP! Will be disbanded if HP goes to zero! This is similiar as "Game Over"). You'll be instantly banned from Stardream Studios if you do so!
Create / draw and use your own wavetables
(You can post your own surge ".fxp" patches if you do this. You can also use your own wavetables for business zones!)
Use FS Synthesizer (See OpenAudio for the list)
Use any preset / bulitin materials. The license is only applied to program codes by itself, using factory contents are intelletual property issue, and you might violate the license. Self-made materials are not an issue.

For error codes, see Here.

License Matrix

Global Sample Moderation
No.# Text
1 Original / exclusive samples? (This means not: Non-libre / Commercial / Unknown / 3rd Party)
2 Sampleless or restricted samples?
3 Which Free Software synthesizers do you use for synth tones?
4 Which license? (GPL V3 + exception on FreePats, CC-BY, etc.)
5 It's lossless? (Lossy is one-way)
6 Sample Rate and depth? (Min: 44.1 Khz, 16-Bit; FP-mininum)
7 Filesize? (3-4 sample per octave if it's too large on an Instrument Set)
8 Mono (Monosynthes, partial acoustic instruments), stereo or surround?
9 Non-SoundFonts exclusive: Round-Robin / Randomized Layers?
10 "ReVintage" technology? (Seperate project)