SoundFont Support

You can give me feedback for various SoundFonts.

SoundFont that from ripped sources (Like Game SoundFonts, Mobile SoundFonts, etc.) are not supported, please don't ask for support those.
Only support if a SoundFont is Final Release, exception of our mainstream SoundFonts (If next update is available, the support will automatically ends).

Support ended:
The Fairy Tale Bank V1.31
The Fairy Tale Bank 2

Project Name Author Time for ending support
DSoundFont Series 1: Lite, Normal, Plus, Gaming strixSF2 Release after 1 year
DSoundFont Ultimate
strixSF2 2021-12-25
(Originally this is Elf Synth Pack, now intergrated with Strix Originals)
迎春心语, strixSF2 Until next update
HiDef stgiga 2021-5-25
Starlight Dream 迎春心语, strixSF2 Nightly / Dev Buiid: Until next update (Version is Generation. x. y. Date)
Example: Starlight Dream 2 Nightly V2.1.0.20201001

Stable Build: 2 months (Version is Generation. x. y)
Example: Starlight Dream 2 V2.1.0

LTS (Long Term Support): Least 2/3 of years (Version is Generation. x)
Example: Starlight Dream 2 LTS V2.1
Super Natural Classic
迎春心语, strixSF2 Same as Starlight Dream Stable Build
Yangling & Kaizhou Districts (Singles) 迎春心语 (Yangling)
strixSF2 (Kaizhou)
Until next update (Mainly bugfix)
Yangling Project also be called Yingchun Projects