Sample Library List

Name Type License Description
Stardream Studios Mainstream
Split Bank
GPL V3+ with
(Grey Area
Our Mainstream SF2 Sample Libraries, Yingchun owned, member co-op.
All-in-one SoundFont® set.
Split Bank. 100% natural / realistic samples (+partial ReVintage).

Starlight Dream (Destroyed) is Modernized SoundFont®, Super Natural Classic (Soon) is Classic Themed (includes a few of Korg-esqued tones). Smaller than ETERNAL.
Designed for multi-purposes, includes but not limited to professional use.

Some are "ReVintage" technology because those free samples doesn't exist. We're ready to purchase the required instruments as possible.

We highly recommend these Projects!

Currently is destroyed.
ETERNAL SoundFont,
Split Bank
GPL V3+ with exception
(Grey Area
strixSF2 Mainstream SoundFont. All-in-one SoundFont Set.

Note: There are CC-BY-SA 4 materials in this SoundFont.
Friendship! SoundFont GPL V3+ with exception Panlong & Guandu Districts, Kunming Tones Set.
This is seperate file, instead of regular mapped. Intended for composing music.
Also a part of Stardream Studios Mainstream SoundFonts.
Ultimate Synthesized Drum Samples Sample GPL V3+ with exception Stardream Studios Ultimate Electric / Synthesized Drum Set.
This set also includes Roland TR / CR-Series drum machine emulation.

About TR-emulation: I used Synthesizer (Such as Surge) to emulate drums on T6/T8/etc, most drums are analog (Except T9 Crash Cymbal).
2MGM SoundFont CC0 The only free small-sized / Lo-Fi GM SoundFont. (No SC-55MkII map)
Inspired from E-mu's 1MB GM SoundFont.
Acapella GM / GS SoundFont WTFPL (Public Domain) All instruments are sung in acapella. Don't use for actual tones!
CdM Gamelan Sample Artistic License V2 Gamelan Series.
Ethan Winer Series SoundFont
Public Domain
(2 Non-free)
15 Instruments. (Actually 13 PD, 2 ARR and "Copyrighted, but released to Public Domain", therefore this is conflicted)
FreePats GM Set SoundFont GPL V3+ with exception Unfinished GM SoundFont set. Don't use standalonely.

The exception:
"As a special exception, if you create a composition which uses these sounds, and mix these sounds or unaltered portions of these sounds into the composition, these sounds do not by themselves cause the entire composition as a whole to be covered by the GNU General Public License. This exception does not however invalidate any other reasons why the composition might be covered by the GNU General Public License.
If you modify these sounds, you may extend this exception to your version of the sounds, but you are not obligated to do so. If you do not wish to do so, delete this exception statement from your version."
Iowa Sample Public Domain This is not only orchestra samples, other samples also included as well, like Steinway Piano, Guitar, etc. No Ensemble Instruments.
Oldschool Fairytales SoundFont CC0 Yingchun's FM GM SoundFont.
Unlike stgiga's HQ FM SoundFont, All FM samples are self-created, and the PCM / DAC samples are only Public Domain sources. Some tones are layered as well.
OPL3 FM 128M SoundFont Creative Commons BY-SA 4.0 Self-explantory.
The Open Source Drum Kit (OSDK in short) Sample Public Domain Real Music Media's OSDK set.
Splendid SoundFont, sfz Public Domain The only free Concert Grand, Steinway D.
This is Akai Piano. 3 versions: 72M, 136M and 256M (Original SF2 unavailable?).
TR-707 (Hyperreal) Sample Public Domain 15 TR-707 Samples.
Versilian Community Sample Library Sample Public Domain
Various Instruments, all are in raw .wav format. Rare tones and Legacy tones are included.
This is a hybrid of a few of VSCO-2 Pro (A Commercial Material) samples and user contributed samples.
VSCO 2 CE Sample / sfz Public Domain
An Orchestral library. There're also have other two versions to buy, includes Standard Edition and Pro Edition. This is enough for use.
FlameStudios SoundFont
Frag, GIG
GPL V3+ (Exception is FS exclusive
instead of
Various SoundFont Frags.

The exception:
"These samples are released under the GNU GPL license. The source code being the sf2 files (of which contain the audio samples and settings). The samples and settings can be accessed within Viena and Translator Free on windows or Swami on linux. This license means that you can do what you like with them but if you create any samples from them or improve on them then you have to use the same license in your projects. This way it keeps it open source (and therefore free). This license is only concerned with the source code. Any music you create with them is nothing to do with me (i.e. you take all the royalties and use whatever license you like)."

For FreePats exception, see FreePats GM Set.

Only one exception can be used in your project.
Musyng / Musyng Kite SoundFont Creative Commons BY-SA 3.0 Lots of variations.
Formerly: Music Box, Musica-7, Evanessence.
Some samples are in a Grey Area.

Features Fazioli Piano.
Salamander Drum Kit Sample / sfz Creative Commons BY-SA 3.0 Self-explantory.
TimGM6mb SoundFont GPL V2 (Pure) Older version of MuscScore's SoundFont.
All recordings are licenced under GPL V2 with this SoundFont®.
Partially Free
Just t4 SoundFont CC Sampling+ (retired) Yamaha Tyros 4 GM SoundFont. Arachno and XG Remap samples also included! (CC Sampling+: Only partial can be used in commercial / business zones, it's not recommended for new projects)

But actually, samples are in Grey Area.
DSOUNDFONT Ultimate SoundFont,
Split Bank
Mixed (Same as
DSF-GE. Gamelan
is Artistic License
V2. Includes
non-free sources
such as XG Remap)
strixSF2 Mainstream SoundFont. All-in-one SoundFont Set.
(Be careful! There're still a few of non-free contents. This SoundFont has unbalanced volume by each tones. Some free acoustic samples doesn't exist! Use as your own risk!)
HiDef SoundFont Mixed A Mix of 16MB GM GS MT32 v2.51, Another GS, Acapella, Yet Another SoundFont, Timbres of Heaven, XG Remap, Mini Groove 88ish, Quasisynth GM SoundFont, Keisuke Karaoke's Yamaha S-YXG50, SGM, OmegaGMGS2 and Airfont 380. Plus a few Yingchun ripped original Roland® Tones. See individal SoundFont for more information. Therefore non-free samples are mixed in.
Recommended for Roland® Sample usage.
UnderxPipe1985 HQ
Natural SoundFont GM
SoundFont Mixed Just a collection of various SF, then ignored license field!

Also why choose WTFPL??? Should contact LFZ for more information......
JJazzLab SoundFont Mixed Based on SGM-V2.01, JN's Mod. Guitars restricted, Also EG from Just t4.
Melting Pot SoundFont Mixed Fluid + Unison + Reality GMGS.
No Budget Orchestra Sample / sfz Mixed An Orchestra Set. Deprecated. Mostly CC-BY-SA 4.0.
(This includes non-free / licenseless materials, such as Banjo, it's CC-BY-NC)
Realistic SF V2 Libre SoundFont Mixed Based on SL 19's one. Most, if not all, non-free materials removed, includes Crisis GeneralMIDI.
(Not WTFPL, should be GPL or something mixed?)
SoundFonts4U SoundFont, exs Mixed SoundFont® by John Nebauer.
Features non-free Upright Piano and Guitars.
Intended for composing music.
8rock11e SoundFont Can't be splitted
(SF File said)
One of the old SoundFonts®.
Aegean Symphonic Orchestra SoundFont Creative Commons BY-NC 4.0 Self-explantory.
Also can't be shared / repackaged.
Arachno SoundFont Non-commercial use only Samples from 3rd party materials, Digital Pianos and Arranger Keyboards.
Chorium SoundFont All Rights Reserved Mixed with Roland SoundCanvas samples (mainly SC-88Pro for percussion) and other romplers. Two from Aspirin.
Crisis GeneralMIDI SoundFont Archived
The oldest, largest General MIDI Set.
Not work with FluidSynth 1.x.
Donation is now unavailable. Original links are down. Therefore now it's impossible to redistribute this and use this on business zones. Never download / touch it, even some site exists. It's unsupported now.
If you found a derivative SoundFont® that includes this on Musical Artifacts (If the license is not match), please report them to LFZ to change into "Licensing Grey Area".
Also, if anyone's sample lib contants this, notify them to stop development or use it.
DGX (DuanGeXing) SoundFonts SoundFont Non-commercial use only An earlist GM SoundFont that released in China. There're three versions: 42M (V1), 62M (V2) and 32M (V3). Also mixed with E-mu samples.
Early Patches SoundFont
Can't be shared
4 rare tones.
The Fairy Tale Bank (1&2) SoundFont Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0 A Flower Angel-esqued SoundFont by 迎春心情.
Inspired from 小花仙 (Flower Angel), a Chinese Webgame and Cartoon.
Recommended for Sound Module Sample usage.
Fatboy GM SoundFont Non-commercial use only Based on Unison HD.
Free Wave Samples Sample Can't be shared Just some sample frags.
GMR Basico SoundFont Non-commercial
use only, can't be
either shared,
modified or
converted into
other formats
A medium-large SoundFont. This is one of the most restrictive SoundFonts®.

The license is: "Please: can not and should receive money for this soundfont, sharing the password in email or internet, or electronic media, or copy the bank massively, either rename, sell, own the sf2, give it away or uploading to the web. Nor should convert it to other formats without my permission."

This means you're not allowed to do anything other than personal / private MIDI playbacks with this SoundFont®.
Johannes Roussel SoundFont
Can't be shared
Various SoundFont Frags.
Maestro Concert Grand Piano SoundFont
Can't be either shared or modified (Freeware) Yamaha CF3.
Mega Sound V2.0 SoundFont Non-commercial use only "Play the Live's Mega Sound!"
Orange Tree Samples Sample / sfz Can't be either shared or modified (Freeware) Jazz Drum Kit
Philharmonia Orchestra (UK) Sample They must not be
sold or made
available 'as is'
(i.e. as samples or as a sampler instrument)
Biggest Orchestra Set. According the license, use these samples to make SoundFonts® or something derivatives are prohibited, whatever the samples are modified or not, either in whole or in part of samples! This is ABSOLUTELY NOT Creative Commons BY-SA material!!!!!!!

Now samples are down, therefore it's unsupported.

Fun Fact: Virtual Playing Orchestra includes this, so I can say VPO author is really made available "as is", even the samples are processed. He is violated the license.
PRO7USE Enhanced SoundFont Non-commercial use only Former version of KOR SoundFont.
Silver Spring SoundFont Non-commercial use only Game SoundFont® also mixed.
Soni Musicae SoundFont
use only, Can't
be either shared or modified
(Same as GMR Basico)
6 SoundFont Frags.
SoundPacks Sample Set None (All Rights
Just royalty-free (Not freedom) sample packs.
Taira Komori Sample (mp3) Can't be shared
Japanese SFX samples.
Timbres of Heaven SoundFont Can't be shared
A super loud SoundFont by Don Allen.
Tisawem GM & GS SoundFont Non-commercial use only A Chinese GS®SoundFont, might contains 3rd party samples...
Tisawem's Voice SoundFont Non-commercial use only, no voice trainings for Chinese, English and Japanese Tisawem's Voice Set.
Titanic 200 SoundFont Non-commercial use only, can't be shared Some documents wrote "Public Domain", but infact, this is a lie.
These are Fluid R1 (Now R3) samples: Clav, Celesta, Music Box, Xylophone, Accordion,
Harmonica, Viola, Orchestral Harp, Science Fiction and Banjo.
TR-909 (Hyperreal) Sample Can't be shared
on commercial
areas or be
160 TR-909 Samples.

Can be emulated via Surge and Zyn.
Unreal Instruments sfz Can't be either shared or modified (Freeware) Various Japanese Sample lib.
WeedsGM3 SoundFont Non-commercial use only Un4seen's official SoundFont.
Designed for Games.
Grey Area
8.22MB GM Bank SoundFont Grey Area One of the Lo-Fi SoundFonts. This isn't PD, according the samples used.
16MB GM GS MT32 v2.51 SoundFont Grey Area A very poor SoundFont. Some tones have incorrect samples and tunings.
E-mu & Roland samples are also inside.
Airfont Series SoundFont Grey Area
(except Airbus Jetplane, from 330)
Features Yamaha/Roland/Korg/EMU/etc. samples.

CC-BY 3 only applies to Airbus Jetplane (330). Anything else goes to Grey Area.
Alex GM SoundFont License Violation Why does this just uses commercial sources?!
ALL in ONE GM Bank SoundFont Grey Area One of the old SoundFonts. This isn't PD, according the samples used.
Another GS / Another
SoundFont Grey Area Mix of Akai, Cadenza, Chaos12MB, E-mu, FantaGM, Fluid2, Reality GM/GS, RealSoundGS 2.0, Roland and Ultimate Drums.
Aspirin 160 GM GS SoundFont Grey Area One of the Lo-Fi SoundFonts®. Samples came from Kurzweil and other 3rd party series. This isn't PD, according the samples used.
Cadenza SoundFont Grey Area One of the old SoundFonts®. Has E-mu samples. This isn't PD, according the samples used.
Chaos12MB SoundFont Grey Area One of the old SoundFonts®.
ColomboGMGS2 SoundFont Creative Commons BY-SA 4.0 (Grey Area samples) This is another 3rd party series based SoundFont®.
Colossus.sf2 SoundFont Pirated Files These are directly ripped from commercial / copyrighted sources, therefore Illegal.
Compifont SoundFont Grey Area,
License Violation
Mixed with Crisis GeneralMIDI materials (License Violation), guitars also restricted. Not even these, it maybe contains other non-free sources.
DSOUNDFONT Gaming Edition
Grey Area Strix Mainstream SoundFont. Designed for game use.

Licensed under GPLv3 + FP Exception however there're illegal sample contents inside.
E3Kay Brass Collection SoundFont License Violation Contains non-commercial zone only materials. (My synth includes!) Also mixed with CGM.
Ele SoundFonts SoundFont Grey Area Mixed with Crisis GeneralMIDI, Game SoundFonts® and other non-free sources. (Copyright Infringement + License Violation)
E-mu SoundFont Used widely, but 
might be Grey Area
SoundBlaster / Creative SoundFonts, there're lots of versions (1M to 28M). 28M/X-FI's one has no Picked Bass (Prg 35).
Fanta 32MB GM SoundFont Grey Area One of the old SoundFonts. This isn't PD, according the samples used.

EP2 is Roland JD Series "Crystal Rhodes".
Fluid R3 SoundFont MIT (Grey Area
Samples; However
no redistribution
in SF2 file)
Old version of MuscScore's SoundFont®.
GeneralUser GS SoundFont, exs Give credit, but
most samples are
in Grey Area
Another SoundFont, almost SC-55MkII compatibility.
(Roland SCC-1)
SoundFont Grey Area Windows / Roland SCC-1 SoundFont®. The derivatives are: RLNDGM (CC-BY 4), Florestan Basic GM GS (PD), scc1t2 and GMGSx, and more (Some are non-free).

Anyways, all other usage (e.g. Music Composition), require a written permission, as the sample content......
Game / Moblie Series SoundFont Pirated Files These are directly ripped from commercial / copyrighted sources, therefore illegal.

Some tools (like VGMTrans) can generate GSF's.

Never use these for your any of works!
(Even creator chosen free license. They're not licensee)
Giant SoundFont SoundFont,
Split Bank
Grey Area Mixed with non-free materials (Such as CGM, it's unsupported now) + Sound Module materials (Such as Roland®).
GM Ailve! SoundFont Grey Area One of the medium sized SoundFonts®.
GM Thai Mix SoundFont Grey Area Mix of various SoundFonts.
Gnusmas GM SoundFont Grey Area Another SoundFont that released in China. But...... why NON-FREE PHILHARMONIA?!? Sadly this is licensed on CC-BY-SA 4 but it's License Violation...... Seems like Sampling+ but it's not...... So I have reported this on Github.
Gremlin GS SoundFont Grey Area One of the old SoundFonts®.
Industry Standard SoundFont Grey Area One of the medium-small sized SoundFonts®.
JCLive21 SoundFont Grey Area Despite the name, this SoundFont is actually unrealistic! Don't be fooled by the title!
JNS-GM 2 SoundFont Grey Area One of the medium-small sized SoundFonts®.
Jurgen GM GS SoundFont Grey Area One of the medium sized SoundFonts®.
KOR SoundFonts SoundFont Grey Area Designed for Games.
There're four versions: Tiny, Basic, Orchestral, Complete.
Guitars from Flamestudios (Incompatible license)
This is licensed on GPLv2 + exception but 3rd party samples mixed. Therefore goes to Grey Area!
Lithalean Series
(Except GU and NK)
Sample / sfz /
exs (Partial)
Pirated Files
Just a bunch of commercial sources (such as Eastwest Hollywood Orchestra, SpectraSonics, etc.), so it's pirated files.
Masterpiece SoundFont Grey Area One of the medium sized SoundFonts®.
Mini Groove 88ish SoundFont Grey Area Some samples from Quasisynth GM SoundFont®, which are from Roland! Other Roland samples also mixed in!
MixFont and it's SL19
SoundFont License Violation Poopsy11's SoundFont. Mixed with Crisis GeneralMIDI materials.

Designed for Games.
MuscScore General SoundFont MIT (Grey Area Samples?) Features 3rd party samples?
Music Man SoundFont Grey Area One of the medium sized SoundFonts®.
Musica Theoria 2 SoundFont Grey Area One of the medium-small sized SoundFonts®.
Not Just t4 SoundFont License Violation MixFont + Just t4 = Not Just t4.
OmegaGMGS2 SoundFont Grey Area Mix of various sources, such as XG® Remap, Xioad, GeneralUser GS, Roland®, Yamaha®, 16MB GM GS MT32 v2.51, etc.
ph GM Bank SoundFont Grey Area One of the old SoundFonts.
Phoebia GM Bank V2 SoundFont Grey Area One of the old SoundFonts.
Previous version of
other than Lite
SoundFont Grey Area Old version of Strix's Mainstream SoundFonts®.
Explosion sound is made by cydon, licensed on Creative Commons BY-NC 3.0.
Also, current version of DSOUNDFONT is still in Grey Area due to sample replacement isn't complete.
Therefore, it's in Grey Area.
Quasisynth GM SoundFont Grey Area Mixed with Roland® Samples.
RealFont 2.1 SoundFont Grey Area Despite the name, this SoundFont® is actually unrealistic! Don't be fooled by the title! This isn't PD, according the samples used.
Reality GM GS SoundFont Grey Area Despite the name, this SoundFont® is actually unrealistic! Don't be fooled by the title! This isn't PD, according the samples used.
RealSound GS SoundFont Grey Area One of the old SoundFonts®. Despite the name, this SoundFont® is actually unrealistic! Don't be fooled by the title!
RKHive SoundFont or SoundFont
Most are Grey Area
(J-Rhodes is non-commercial use only)
An old SoundFont® archive.

"Legal info" is almostly a lie.
SGM-V2.01 SoundFont Grey Area Widely-used SoundFont. Some Flower Angel music uses this SoundFont® as well.
Sample Sources List
(JN's mod are: Guitars / Basses only (Non-free), Guitars / Basses and Yamaha C5 / Salamander Piano, single layer and 6x layers. SL19 Port is 1st JN's mod instead of original. Thus, mixed, instead of CC-BY 3.0)
Features Roland / E-mu / Garritan and other commercial sources.
Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra SoundFont, Sample / sfz Grey Area A complete orchestra library.
Contains Philharmonia samples.
The CC Sampling+ is a lie.
String Collections
(Musical Artifacts)
Grey Area Just a people compiled Strings without license knowledge or ignored License Field.

(Cello Legatos are Ethan's one, the other 2 are unknown; Strings = Hades?)
(Dude, why you're ignoring License Field?)
strixSF2 Mainstream
SoundFonts, Series 1
Grey Area
strixSF2 Mainstream SoundFont, Series 1. This series are DSOUNDFONT Lite, DSOUNDFONT and DSOUNDFONT Plus.
(Be careful! There're still a few of 3rd party samples. These SoundFonts have unbalanced volume by each tones. Some libre acoustic samples doesn't exist!)

License is CC0, however there're illegal samples are mixed in!
strixSF2 Mainstream SoundFonts, Series 2 SoundFont,
Split Bank
Grey Area strixSF2 Mainstream SoundFonts, Series 2.
Again, SoundFonts of Stardream Brand.
All-in-one SoundFont set.
"Enchant!" is DSOUNDFONT Ultimate / Starlight Dream hybrid made by strixSF2, co-owned by Yingchun Soul.
"Mystical!" (Soon) is Super Natural Classic Based.

License is GPLv3 + FP Exception, however there're illegal samples are mixed in!
SONiVOX SoundFont Grey Area This is commercial material by itself. SONiVOX EAS is used in Android (Apache 2.0).
Symphony Hall SoundFont Grey Area One of the old SoundFonts. This isn't PD due to commercial / E-mu samples.
sYnerGi SoundFont Grey Area Samples from Roland SC-88, Akai, etc.
Taiji Generation 4 SE SoundFont Grey Area One of the old SoundFonts.
tgk3 SoundFont Grey Area One of the old SoundFonts.
The Sound Site Album Bank SoundFont Grey Area One of the old SoundFonts.
TrianGMGS SoundFont Grey Area Unknown Sources.
Unison SoundFont Grey Area One of the old SoundFonts. I contacted FP, the result is can't be modified.
Unison HD SoundFont Grey Area Upgraded verion of Unison, but this one is mixed with Yamaha XG Remap materials. This is private-exclusive.
Virtual Playing Orchestra Sample / sfz License Violation A mix of Sonatina (Creative Commons Sampling+ [retired]), Philharmonia (Prohibit made available "as is", regardless the sample, therefore it's license violation), Mattias Westlund additional samples (CC-BY-SA), Iowa (Public Domain), stamperdam's Celesta (Public Domain), No Budget Orchestra (Most parts are CC-BY-SA, some non-freedom), VSCO 2 (Public Domain).
Therefore, this sound lib is entered to a Grey Area, instead of non-free.
Xioad SoundFont Grey Area One of the old SoundFonts®. This isn't PD, according the samples used.
Yamaha XG Sound Set Remap SoundFont Grey Area This includes Yamaha samples by itself.
Yet Another SoundFont SoundFont Grey Area A "clone" of Roland Sound Module.
Recommended for Roland Samples usage.
Electric Piano 2 from SC-55.

Problems: Gamelimba & JUNO Bell = Duplicated Bell Harp. Plus wrong bank mapping + missing patches.

Licensed on CC-BY-SA 4.0 however the samples are grey area.
32MbGMStereo SoundFont Unknown NTONYX's SoundFont. All presets are chorused. The NTONYX site says can be used on any areas, but we don't know this is true or false. Might count as Grey Area.
Hubbe64MB SoundFont Unknown One of the old SoundFonts®.
Merlin GM SoundFont Unknown Merlin's GM SoundFont®.
Other NTONYX Instruments SoundFont
Unknown 17 SoundFont® Frags.
TR-808 (Hyperreal) Sample Unknown 116 TR-808 Samples.

GPL-compatible 16
GPL-incompatible 4
Partially Free 1
Mixed 8
Non-free 25
Grey Area 65
Unknown 5

1. CC BY-SA 4.0 is one-way compatible with the GNU GPL version 3: this means you may license your modified versions of CC BY-SA 4.0 materials under GNU GPL version 3, but you may not relicense GPL 3 licensed works under CC BY-SA 4.0.
2. GPL V2 is incompatible with GPL V3. Thus, GPL V1/V2 without "or Later" can't be used in GPL V3 works.
3. Songs made with Pure GPL SoundFonts can only be licensed under GPL. Therefore an exception is required.
4. "Grey Area" and "No License" doesn't either free or equal to "Public Domain". Default license is "All Rights Reserved" if no license.
5. Even the SoundFont are used free license, lots of GM Banks are have Sound Module, commercial and unknown source samples, such as E-MU, Roland, etc. I believe there're not a proper license, they're in a Grey Area instead. Don't use them for your formal works!
6. Only one GPL exception can be used in the same work, which means unstackable. (e.g. FlameStudios works, can't be stacked with FreePats exception)
7. If License of the corresponding file is mis-match on Musical Artifacts, contact to LFZ for change to a correct license.
8. CC 2.5 or older is incompatible with DFSG.
9. FAL 1.3's work can't be used with GPL Works.
10. License information is only valid when none of illegal or incompatible license samples are contained in a whole project! Failed to do will be instantly Grey Area!