Error Code List

(Can't always keep up to date; See the Trello board)
No. Hex Code Chinese Name Explanation Next Step
Normal Expressway (G-prefix)
1 0x00000001 北京 - 哈尔滨高速公路 Sample Error: Piano Find a store
2 0x00000002 北京 - 上海高速公路 Sample Error: Choir Record
3 0x00000003 北京 - 台北高速公路 Unclaimed, will be removed from the sample queue ---
4 0x00000004 北京 - 港澳高速公路 Sample Error: World Find a store
0421 0x00018845 许昌 - 广州高速公路 Sample Error: Asia Instruments Find a store
0422 0x00018846 武汉 - 深圳高速公路 Sample Error: Europe Instruments Find a store
0423 0x00018847 乐昌 - 广州高速公路 Sample Error: Africa Instruments Find a store
0425 0x00018849 广州 - 澳门高速公路 Sample Error: Other World Instruments Find a store
5 0x00000005 北京 - 昆明高速公路 Sample Error: E. Piano (Discontinued) Accept Realities
6 0x00000006 北京 - 拉萨高速公路 Life-based Error: Gadget ---
7 0x00000007 北京 - 乌鲁木齐高速公路 Life-based Error: Misc. ---
10 0x0000000A 绥芬河 - 满洲里高速公路 Sample Lib issue: Files Adjust
11 0x0000000B 鹤岗-大连高速公路 Sample Lib issue: Source Adjust
15 0x0000000F 沈阳 - 海口高速公路 Unrecognized Wait for reference
1501 0x000005DD 沈阳绕城高速公路 Unrecognized: Whole Tones Wait for reference
1502 0x000005DE 青岛绕城高速公路(预留) Unrecognized: Layers / OSC's Wait for reference
1503 0x000005DF 上海绕城高速公路 Unrecognized: Velocity Range Wait for reference
1504 0x000005E0 宁波绕城高速公路 Unrecognized: Key Range Wait for reference
1505 0x000005E1 福州绕城高速公路 Unrecognized: Synthesizer Model Wait for reference
1506 0x000005E2 厦门绕城高速公路(预留) Unrecognized: Drum Kit Assign Wait for reference
1507 0x000005E3 深圳绕城高速公路(预留) Unrecognized: beat / groove / phrase / loops Wait for reference
1508 0x000005E4 广州绕城高速公路 Unrecognized & done Wait for reference
1511 0x000005E7 日照 - 兰考高速公路 Unrecognized: Organs Wait for reference
1512 0x000005E8 宁波 - 金华高速公路 Unrecognized: Synth Lead Wait for reference
1513 0x000005E9 温州 - 丽水高速公路 Unrecognized: Synth Pad Wait for reference
1514 0x000005EA 宁德 - 上饶高速公路 Unrecognized: Synth Brass Wait for reference
1515 0x000005EB 盐城 - 靖江高速公路 Unrecognized & discontinued Accept Realities
1516 0x000005EC 盐城 - 洛阳高速公路 Unrecognized & rare Accept Realities
1517 0x000005ED 莆田 - 炎陵高速公路 Unrecognized & hopeless Accept Realities
1521 0x000005F1 常熟 - 嘉善高速公路 Unrecognized: Piano-based Patches Wait for reference
1522 0x000005F2 常熟 - 台州高速公路 Unrecognized: Percussion Wait for reference
1523 0x000005F3 宁波 - 东莞高速公路 Unrecognized: Sound Wait for reference
16 0x00000010 丹东 - 锡林浩特高速公路 Sample Error: Accordion Find a store
18 0x00000012 荣成 - 乌海高速公路 Open Source Software Error ---
1811 0x00000713 黄骅 - 石家庄高速公路 Doesn't support VST3 ---
1812 0x00000714 沧州 - 榆林高速公路 Commercial-restricted Open Source Software ---
1813 0x00000715 威海 - 青岛高速公路 FS function was broken ---
20 0x00000014 济南 - 青岛高速公路 Mysticalis Tones Error ---
2002 0x000007D2 石家庄绕城高速公路 Least one of articulation is sampleless on Mysticalis Tones Add into a queue
2003 0x000007D3 太原绕城高速公路 Unrecognized: Mysticalis Imagination
2011 0x000007DB 青岛 - 新河高速公路 Unknown Mysticalis Map Imagination
22 0x00000016 青岛 - 兰州高速公路 Trello Board related errors ---
2211 0x000008A3 长治 - 延安高速公路 Official Website related errors ---
25 0x00000019 长春 - 深圳高速公路 Sample Lib issue: Metadata Adjust
30 0x0000001E 连云港 - 霍尔果斯高速公路 Sample Error: Brass Find a store
3002 0x00000BBA 西安绕城高速公路 Yingchun single (Yangling) project Error (e.g. No samples meeting project guidelines) ---
3023 0x00000BCF 西安 - 兴平高速公路 White magic error ---
3024 0x00000BD0 宝鸡过境高速公路 Affacted by a white magic spell ---
35 0x00000023 济南 - 广州高速公路 Sample Error: Drum Kit Find a store
36 0x00000024 南京 - 洛阳高速公路 Code Error ---
40 0x00000028 上海 - 西安高速公路 Sample Error: Organ (Unfixable if it's related to Home Organ, as it's very rare) Find a store
4001 0x00000FA1 合肥绕城高速公路 No Free Software organ emulator available (Synthesizer isn't error fix of this) ---
42 0x0000002A 上海 - 成都高速公路 Sample lib guidelines broken ---
4201 0x00001069 武汉绕城高速公路 Copyrighted or protected sources are required, and therefore breaks the law ---
4202 0x0000106A 成都绕城高速公路 Doesn't exist in the real world / Copyright Trap Re-new the tone
and use a new
4211 0x00001073 南京 - 芜湖高速公路 Name is a Copyright Trap Revert to original
4212 0x00001074 合肥 - 安庆高速公路 Can't be done in SoundFont but not other samplers ---
4213 0x00001075 麻城 - 安康高速公路 Can't be done in any samplers, but future might be done ---
4215 0x00001077 成都 - 遵义高速公路 Found Round Robin / Randomized Layers Import one of the
layer to SF2
4216 0x00001078 成都 - 丽江高速公路 Patented, therefore doing derivates of these are violations of the law ---
4217 0x00001079 成都 - 昌都高速公路 Intellectual property related errors ---
4218 0x0000107A 雅安 - 叶城高速公路 Restricted codes ---
4219 0x0000107B 曲水 - 乃东高速公路 Real world used to exist, but doesn't exist at nowadays ---
4221 0x0000107D 上海 - 武汉高速公路 Name synthesizer prefixes cannot be used because almostly nobody sampled ---
45 0x0000002D 大连 - 广州高速公路 Sample Error: String & Orchestra Find a store
50 0x00000032 上海 - 重庆高速公路 Sample Error: Synth ---
5001 0x00001389 重庆绕城高速公路 No Free Software synth emulator available, specific model only
(Universal synthesizer isn't error fix of this)
5013 0x00001395 重庆 - 成都高速公路 Non-workspace single (Kaizhou) project error ---
55 0x00000037 二连浩特 - 广州高速公路 SoundFont / Sforzando issue: Preset location Adjust
56 0x00000038 杭州 - 瑞丽高速公路 System Damaged ---
5601 0x000015E1 昆明绕城高速公路 System Alert ---
5611 0x000015EB 大理 - 丽江高速公路 System Failure ---
5612 0x000015EC 大理 - 普洱高速公路 System Glitched ---
5613 0x000015ED 保山 - 泸水高速公路 System Frozen ---
5615 0x000015EF 天保 - 猴桥高速公路 System lose control ---
59 0x0000003B 呼和浩特 - 北海高速公路 Flower Angel inspired errors ---
60 0x0000003C 上海 - 昆明高速公路 Sample Error: Guitar Find a store
65 0x00000041 包头 - 茂名高速公路 Sample Error: Sound Effect Record
69 0x00000045 银川 - 百色高速公路 "ReVintage Zone" related errors

Using ReVintage technology outside "ReVintage Zone" is escaping realities (Red Alert, S105)
6911 0x00001AFF 安康 - 来凤高速公路 Submitted "ReVintage Zone" submission on basic projects, and the submitter will be either warned or banned ---
70 0x00000046 福州 - 银川高速公路 Sample Error: Bass Find a store
75 0x0000004B 兰州 - 海口高速公路 Project in Beta Release ---
7511 0x00001D57 钦州 - 东兴高速公路 Project in Alpha Release ---
76 0x0000004C 厦门 - 成都高速公路 Sample Error: Melodic Percussion (Not Bank 128) Find a store
78 0x0000004E 汕头 - 昆明高速公路 Project in RC Release ---
80 0x00000050 广州 - 昆明高速公路 Sample Error: Woodwind Find a store
85 0x00000055 银川 - 昆明高速公路 Main debug code ---
91 0x0000005B 辽中地区环线高速公路 Stuck in loop Find a store
92 0x0000005C 杭州湾地区环线高速公路 Stuck in phrase Find a store
9211 0x000023FB 宁波 - 舟山高速公路 Multiple instrument combined into one ensemble ---
93 0x0000005D 成渝地区环线高速公路 Stuck in beat Find a store
94 0x0000005E 珠江三角洲地区环线高速公路 Stuck in chord Find a store
9411 0x000024C3 东莞 - 佛山高速公路 Amplified internally ---
95 0x0000005F 首都地区环线高速公路 Stuck in groove Find a store
98 0x00000062 海南地区环线高速公路 Unusable samples Find a store
9801 0x00002649 海口绕城高速公路(预留) Distorted samples Re-record
9811 0x00002653 海口 - 三亚高速公路 Added DSP FX internally Re-record
9812 0x00002654 海口 - 琼海高速公路 Only wrong samples are exist ---
9813 0x00002655 万宁 - 洋浦高速公路 Detuned samples Re-record
National Highways (G-prefix)
101 0x00000065 101 国道 Modern exclusive samples used in the pure classic theme Change
102 0x00000066 102 国道 Classic exclusive samples used in the pure modern theme (Reversed of 0x65) Change
103 0x00000067 103 国道 Non-base map loops / phrases / beats / grooves, therefore Multi-Part exclusive Go to Multi-Part
104 0x00000068 104 国道 Typo in the tone name Fix the name
105 0x00000069 105 国道 Tones with errors (e.g. ReVintage) in main part of Large/Workspace Sample Libs Move
106 0x0000006A 106 国道 Modern term used in the pure classic theme Rename
107 0x0000006B 107 国道 Classic term used in the pure modern theme (Reversed of 0x6A) Rename
108 0x0000006C 108 国道 Wrong samples used in the instrument Change
109 0x0000006D 109 国道 Wrong instruments used in the preset Change
110 0x0000006E 110 国道 Multi-part elements in main SoundFont Move
111 0x0000006F 111 国道 Main tones in Multi-Part elements Move
112 0x00000070 112 国道 Remapped tone location conflicts base map tone location Move
201 0x000000C9 201 国道 Completely incorrect name Fix the name
202 0x000000CA 202 国道 Wrong root key Correct them
203 0x000000CB 203 国道 Incomplete base map See SC-8850 Tone
204 0x000000CC 204 国道 Not a Korg EK-50 / GM2-based drums in channel 10 See the base, then
re-arrange them
205 0x000000CD 205 国道 Remapped tone location conflicts multi-part bank location Move
206 0x000000CE 206 国道 Incomptable modules were connected Delete
207 0x000000CF 207 国道 Added Parameters in "ReVintage Zone" ---
208 0x000000D0 208 国道 Used Factory Preset tone in modern themed project ---
210 0x000000D2 210 国道 Unclaimed: Beat, Groove, Phrase, etc. ---
211 0x000000D3 211 国道 Unclaimed: Not affordable by hobbists, brand / model-specific ---
212 0x000000D4 212 国道 Unclaimed: Recreatable discontinued / synth tones ---
213 0x000000D5 213 国道 Unclaimed: Not affordable by hobbists ---
214 0x000000D6 214 国道 Unclaimed: Default ---
215 0x000000D7 215 国道 Unclaimed: Brand / Model ---
216 0x000000D8 216 国道 Unclaimed: Unrecognized ---
217 0x000000D9 217 国道 Unclaimed: Can't be purchased on developer's location ---
218 0x000000DA 218 国道 Unclaimed: Can't be purchased on developer's location, brand / model ---
219 0x000000DB 219 国道 Unclaimed: GPL-compatible samples was available, but doesn't meeting SS / FP Guidelines ---
220 0x000000DC 220 国道 Unclaimed: GPL-compatible samples was available, but doesn't meeting SS / FP Guidelines, brand / model ---
301 0x0000012D 301 国道 Almostly nobody sampled from a real synthesizer
302 0x0000012E 302 国道 Reserved
303 0x0000012F 303 国道 Unsampled acoustic tones Find a store
304 0x00000130 304 国道 Reserved ---
305 0x00000131 305 国道 Reserved ---
306 0x00000132 306 国道 Reserved ---
307 0x00000133 307 国道 No DFSG-comaptible samples for region-restricted tones (Mainly World / Ethnic. Not apply to the people who lives in the native country)
Go to the specific
location to buy
and record
308 0x00000134 308 国道 Same as above, but brand / model specified Same as above
309 0x00000135 309 国道 Mono & Stereo Samples are mixed together ---
310 0x00000136 310 国道 Mono or dual mono samples, or the original tone is only mono output Restart at later
311 0x00000137 311 国道 Asymmetrical stereo link Re-record / share
raw samples
(.wav) to captain
and use Audacity
to create an
advanced loop
312 0x00000138 312 国道 Broken stereo link ---
314 0x0000013A 314 国道 Blank at start, requires to trim Open "Audacity"
315 0x0000013B 315 国道 Loop region has click sound Use Audacity
to create an
advanced loop
332 0x0000014C 332 国道 Lower than 44.1khz 16bit on self-made tones Re-do at later
333 0x0000014D 333 国道 Low Quality samples only, which is not achieved by FreePats standard Find a store
334 0x0000014E 334 国道 Very bad quality samples only Find a store
335 0x0000014F 335 国道 Same as above, but cannot be ReVintage'd (Reversed of 0x14E) Find a store
336 0x00000150 336 国道 Same as 0x14E but discontinued or very rare Accept Realities
337 0x00000151 337 国道 Same as 0x14F but discontinued or very rare Accept Realities
338 0x00000152 338 国道 Original link for FS samples are broken Accept Realities
343 0x00000157 343 国道 Samples exhausted (recordable / owned) Record
344 0x00000158 344 国道 Samples exhausted (unReVintage'able / not owned) Find a store
345 0x00000159 345 国道 Samples exhausted (ReVintage'able) Find a store
346 0x0000015A 346 国道 Samples exhausted (S-T-E only) Recreate (S-T-E)
349 0x0000015D 349 国道 Non-commercial use only Find a store
350 0x0000015E 350 国道 Wrong license information Find a store
351 0x0000015F 351 国道 License violated (like Virtual Playing Orchestra) Find a store
352 0x00000160 352 国道 Copyright infringed, as the law was broken Find a store
353 0x00000161 353 国道 Restricted / Freeware samples only Find a store
354 0x00000162 354 国道 All samples are no license defined Find a store
355 0x00000163 355 国道 GPL incompatible sources only (+FP exception) Find a store
356 0x00000164 356 国道 Mixed license only
Find a store
357 0x00000165 357 国道 All samples are Grey Area / unknown sources Find a store
358 0x00000166 358 国道 Unsampled outside romplers (Like G303) Find a store
359 0x00000167 359 国道 Paid sources only Find a store
360 0x00000168 360 国道 Impossible DFSG-compatible free samples (e.g. "Bösendorfer" Brand) for brand new instrument, since they're too hard to find them. Therefore, banned in the sample queue, and these patches can no longer be included anymore!

The only way is find a store to purchase and record them by yourself as possible!

(Replace with Alternate Samples will trigger Red Alert, S105)
Give up / Accept
361 0x00000169 361 国道 In development, but not this workspace Queue
501 0x000001F5 501 国道 Mis-synchro between workspace SF and single SF (Large Project, our mainstream SF are highest priority) Synchro
502 0x000001F6 502 国道 Sample residue: This is unsuitable or non-free samples are found in the SF Take Down
503 0x000001F7 503 国道 Waiting for workspace member to execute action Wait for member
504 0x000001F8 504 国道 Waiting for workspace creator to execute action Wait for captain
505 0x000001F9 505 国道 Incomplete language support in the workspace Wait for native user
506 0x000001FA 506 国道 Anything marked fields are not merged when all members uses the same value in a field Merge
507 0x000001FB 507 国道 Unsupported languages was used in a specified language board UI Wait for native user
508 0x000001FC 508 国道 Machine Translation is used Wait for native user
509 0x000001FD 509 国道 Will be renamed, and it's listed in this website and Trello Board, but not done in Sample Lib Rename
510 0x000001FE 510 国道 Tone renamed in the Trello Board and SF2 file, but not done in this website Commit changes
511 0x000001FF 511 国道 Marked articulation of this website is either incorrect or undoable Commit changes
512 0x00000200 512 国道 Marked articulation of a sample lib is either incorrect or undoable Add articulation,
513 0x00000201 513 国道 Link inaccessible if who lives in China Let strix to upload
to for file
or let Wohlstand
to upload his
514 0x00000202 514 国道 Link inaccessible if who doesn't live in China Let captain to
upload to Yandex (or Lanzou) for file
515 0x00000203 515 国道 Sample source incorrect or from non-free materials in this website Commit changes
516 0x00000204 516 国道 If "Custom Field" required: Priority number is empty
If "Custom Field" doesn't required: "Card Aging" power-up is not enabled
Add priority
number. If
"Custom Fields" power-up doesn't
required, enable
"Card Aging"
517 0x00000205 517 国道 Planning outdated (This means true due date was reached), cause system damage Pause then re-determine due date
518 0x00000206 518 国道 Cannot determine a date due to a crisis (e.g. COVID-19) Wait for notify
519 0x00000207 519 国道 Not commited changes in the Github Repo Commit changes
520 0x00000208 520 国道 Doing in a schedule Complete current
schedules then
521 0x00000209 521 国道 Tone location mis-match between this website and SoundFont file Find correct loc.
522 0x0000020A 522 国道 Card not archived after 24 hours Archive
523 0x0000020B 523 国道 Mislisted in this website, will cause System Damage Commit changes
524 0x0000020C 524 国道 Operation System is too old Buy new PC or
upgrade the at
525 0x0000020D 525 国道 Illegal access behaviour (e.g. Used non-local proxy in China) Let strix to upload
to for file
or let Wohlstand
to upload his
526 0x0000020E 526 国道 Program card Format Mismatch Use the template
527 0x0000020F 527 国道 Redundant tone Delete
528 0x00000210 528 国道 No broadband, as uploading file was troubled ---
529 0x00000211 529 国道 Schedule failed Try harder next time
530 0x00000212 530 国道 Software can't run ---
531 0x00000213 531 国道 Cannot register if who lives in China because the Human Verification uses G513 domain and it's not possible to complete Let strix to upload
to for file
or let Wohlstand
to upload his
532 0x00000214 532 国道 Working on a Highest Priority project Finish them
533 0x00000215 533 国道 Board has messed up ---
534 0x00000216 534 国道 Sample Lib has messed up ---
535 0x00000217 535 国道 Workspace Frozen ---
536 0x00000218 536 国道 Member in vacation Continue after go home
537 0x00000219 537 国道 Copyright Year is not updated Update
538 0x0000021A 538 国道 Power outage Wait
539 0x0000021B 539 国道 Board Background mismatch with emotion in the main board Synchro
540 0x0000021C 540 国道 Task frozen Wait
541 0x0000021D 541 国道 Next week's plannings was moved up in the current week. If there are pre-defined
plannings for next week then this doesn't apply.
Wait for next week
542 0x0000021E 542 国道 Next week's module assignments was moved up in the current week Wait for next week
543 0x0000021F 543 国道 Out of amount of paused plannings Finish plannings
544 0x00000220 544 国道 Next week's highway assignments was moved up in the current week Wait for next week
545 0x00000221 545 国道 Next week's expressway assignments was moved up in the current week Wait for next week
551 0x00000227 551 国道 Too many next week’s plannings was moved up in the current week, cause Stardream Studios locked Wait for next week
552 0x00000228 552 国道 Too many next week’s module assignments was moved up in the current week, cause Stardream Studios locked Wait for next week
553 0x00000229 553 国道 Too many paused plannings, cause Stardream Studios locked Finish plannings
554 0x0000022A 554 国道 Too many next week’s highway assignments was moved up in the current week, cause Stardream Studios locked Wait for next week
555 0x0000022B 555 国道 Too many next week’s expressway assignments was moved up in the current week, cause Stardream Studios locked Wait for next week
561 0x00000231 561 国道 Redundant file Delete
562 0x00000232 562 国道 File too large / over max size Split
563 0x00000233 563 国道 Name is longer than 20 characters Compress
564 0x00000234 564 国道 File corrupted Resume from backup, otherwise recreate
570 0x0000023A 570 国道 Require male member to record voice Queue
571 0x0000023B 571 国道 Require female member to record voice Queue
572 0x0000023C 572 国道 Member is ill Wait for heal
573 0x0000023D 573 国道 Transfered samples are not raw samples Upload raw samples
574 0x0000023E 574 国道 Member lacks masks, due to COVID-19 Buy mask
575 0x0000023F 575 国道 Member is in the cooldown period Wait
576 0x00000240 576 国道 Inactive Members ---
577 0x00000241 577 国道 Waiting for member to transfer data ---
578 0x00000242 578 国道 Lacks stereo recording equipment Find a store
579 0x00000243 579 国道 Member used to bought them, but it's damaged Buy a new one
580 0x00000244 580 国道 Waiting for purchase instruments ---
581 0x00000245 581 国道 Waiting for record samples (Only occur if the instrument has been bought) Record
Provincial Expressway (S-prefix, + Province x 100000)
Shandong (37)
7601 0x0005C301 青岛前湾港区 1 号疏港高速 Unrecognized: Misc. Wait for reference
Hubei (42)
40 0x000668C8 四环线 Task is out of realities ---
Guangxi (45)
2201 0x0006E669 桂林绕城高速公路 Black Magic side effect ---
Provincial Highway (S-prefix, +1000000)
101 0x000F42A5 101 省道 Discontinued tones, regardless Non-Linear ReVintage doable or not.
(Example: Yamaha C7 [Also 0x160], but not C7X)

Therefore these patches can no longer be included anymore.

(Replace with Alternate Samples will trigger Red Alert, S105)

Also for Open Source emulators are available but the original instrument is
discontinued (Example: Roland JUNO-60)
102 0x000F42A6 102 省道 General MIDI errors (e.g. Sampleless, Low Quality. Includes non-Linear ReVintage'able Tones).

This also means the true libre GM bank can't be finished. (Unlike all old of SF's, that says PD but all are 3rd party samples mixed, therefore it's not a proper license, and it's in Grey Area)
103 0x000F42A7 103 省道 Invalid data on China Map Find China Map
104 0x000F42A8 104 省道 Non-commercial only or commercial font used in the formal works without buying commercial license Find freeware font
105 0x000F42A9 105 省道 This is "Red Alert". Bypassing any error (No accessibility) tones without unclaiming will trigger a Red Alert, as escaped from realities.

Will cause G5601, System Alert.
106 0x000F42AA 106 省道 SoundFont / Sample Library can’t be released Find a store
107 0x000F42AB 107 省道 SoundFont / Sample Library can’t be cancelled ---
108 0x000F42AC 108 省道 Hopeless / unresolvable tones, which are banned in the queue

There is just one unresolvable GM patch, Clavinet.
109 0x000F42AD 109 省道 Image used font for Chinese Characters are not a Chinese Charset Change other font
110 0x000F42AE 110 省道 Non-commercial only image host is used ---
111 0x000F42AF 111 省道 Can't do derivate works until there is a Final Release of original works Queue
112 0x000F42B0 112 省道 Discontinued & rare tones Accept realities
113 0x000F42B1 113 省道 3rd party image/stock related errors Find free pictures
121 0x000F42B9 121 省道 Invalid Error Fix Queue
122 0x000F42BA 122 省道 Can't be done without any ReVintage tones Queue
131 0x000F42C3 131 国道 Added banned samples in the sample queue ---
201 0x000F4309 201 省道 Base Map Error ---
203 0x000F430B 203 省道 No Open Source emulator available and original instrument is discontinued Accept realities
204 0x000F430C 204 省道 No Open Source emulator available and original instrument is very rare Accept realities
205 0x000F430D 205 省道 No Open Source emulator available and original instrument is hopeless Accept realities
238 0x000F432E 238 省道 License violation of Stardream Studios ---
239 0x000F432F 239 省道 Stardream Studios data was leaked ---
240 0x000F4330 240 省道 Impolite words ---
241 0x000F4331 241 省道 Trademark error, which means out of the law ---
301 0x000F436D 301 省道 Only peoples in the native region have accessibility ---
302 0x000F436E 302 省道 Can't be done in any samplers and no code for a sampler program to be done with correspond articulation ---
370 0x000F43B2 370 省道 Schedule severe failure ---
501 0x000F4435 501 省道 Intellectual property error in a sample lib ---
502 0x000F4436 502 省道 Intellectual property error in a FS Sampler ---
503 0x000F4437 503 省道 Distrbuted via VST2 form, therefore will be penalted Use VST3 SDK
504 0x000F4438 504 省道 Misc. Intellectual property errors ---
505 0x000F4439 505 省道 Used bulitin wavetable, therefore isn't an original patch ---
506 0x000F443A 506 省道 DMCA / Copyright law related errors ---
507 0x000F443B 507 省道 Misc. Sample Library related errors ---
702 0x000F44FE 702 省道 Non-commercial only video material / clips ---
801 0x000F4561 801 国道 ReVintage Technology in FreePats (Electric Piano 1) ---
802 0x000F4562 802 省道 Unclaimed in FreePats, regardless any conditions ---
901 0x000F45C5 901 省道 Light Damage ---
902 0x000F45C6 902 省道 Severe Damage ---
903 0x000F45C7 903 省道 Member has been banned from Stardream Studios ---
904 0x000F45C8 904 省道 Ban evasion has triggered, therefore period x2 ---
907 0x000F45CB 907 省道 Member has been punished by the law ---
908 0x000F45CC 908 省道 Member's PC is invaded by a virus, therefore project cannot be continued Buy new computer
or restore from
SLD4 0x00102CA4 SLD4 Illegal files / links (e.g. Malwares) ---
County Highway (X-prefix, +1010000)
102 0x000F69B6 102 县道 Yangling Project was overloaded ---
103 0x000F69B7 103 县道 Link inaccessible if who uses Mobile's network ---
104 0x000F69B8 104 县道 Link inaccessible by a specific member ---
111 0x000F69BF 111 县道 Not a self-taken scenery photo ---
112 0x000F69C0 112 县道 A photo that requires to crop ---
114 0x000F69C2 114 县道 Slot is already used Change
201 0x000F6A19 201 县道 Normal member has no permission to do an action because of the level ---
202 0x000F6A1A 202 县道 An action that only captain can be executed ---
203 0x000F6A1B 203 县道 An action that only supporters can be executed ---
204 0x000F6A1C 204 县道 An action that only board admin can be executed in the Trello Board ---
205 0x000F6A1D 205 县道 Butler quota is over Wait for next month
206 0x000F6A1E 206 县道 Trello "Busniess Class" exclusive permission ---
207 0x000F6A1F 207 县道 Paid Feature of Slack ---
305 0x000F6A81 305 县道 Awaiting Moderation ---
312 0x000F6A88 312 县道 A project is licensed under GPL-compatible free license, but doesn't meet captain hosted workspace project guidelines. See FreePats for more information. All other errors are nullified. Varied
501 0x000F6B45 501 县道 Stocksnap: Submitted self-taken scenery photo was declined Varied
Village Highway 1 (Y-prefix, +1020000)
Village Highway 2 (C-prefix, +1030000)
101 0x000FB7D5 101 村道 Poet Generator was used Restart manually
102 0x000FB7D6 102 村道 Songci format error Adjust
103 0x000FB7D7 103 村道 Yuanqu format error Adjust
104 0x000FB7D8 104 村道 Mis-synchro with IPA of the last character in an even number sentence of poet Adjust
105 0x000FB7D9 105 村道 Later-styled poet format error Adjust
Accommodation Highway (Z-prefix, +1040000)
101 0x000FDEE5 Z101 Overdramatic Gadgets ---
102 0x000FDEE6 Z102 Gadgets that cannot be done in the real life ---
103 0x000FDEE7 Z103 Obstruct Gadgets ---
104 0x000FDEE8 Z104 Unrecognized: Gadgets Wait for reference
105 0x000FDEE9 Z105 A virtual gadget that has same effect of self-made life gadget Use self-made life gadget
106 0x000FDEEA Z106 Useless gadgets ---
107 0x000FDEEB Z107 Gadgets used unfairly ---
108 0x000FDEEC Z108 Life gadget was broken ---
109 0x000FDEED Z109 Trial gadgets ---
110 0x000FDEEE Z110 Dangerous Gadgets ---
111 0x000FDEEF Z111 No more wishes can be completed (Classic method) ---
112 0x000FDEF0 Z112 Not a wish angel to help (Relay method) ---
140 0x000FDF0C Z140 No required materials for a magic spell ---
141 0x000FDF0D Z141 Affacted by Angel-related magic spells ---
143 0x000FDF0F Z143 Affacted by Elf-related magic spells ---
201 0x000FDF49 Z201 Incorrect Guidance Re-guide
301 0x000FDFAD Z301 Power has been exhausted, so the power origin has been lost ---
302 0x000FDFAE Z302 Member was transformed into Dark Force ---
305 0x000FDFB1 Z305 Member is sensitive to non-nature sounds ---
Jingjinji Expressways (S-prefix, +2000000)
3201 0x001E9101 北京 - 蓟县 - 天津高速公路 Workspace Project: Not enough Power-up Points
Yangling Project: No more Items to use
Wait for next week
3205 0x001E9105 承德 - 天津高速公路 Limited mode, for after Super Transform ---
3300 0x001E9164 大兴机场北线高速公路 Workspace Project: Not enough Task Points
Yangling Project: Not enough Flower Points
Wait for tomorrow
3301 0x001E9165 北京 - 天津高速公路 Inspired from "Flower Angel". All powers has been exhausted, also it's weaker and weaker by self. This is "Power Exhaust". (Chinese translates to 燃尽心花)

Not related to the SoundFont.
3305 0x001E9169 天津 - 沧州高速公路 Unfulfillable wish, inspired from Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf Change wish /
Remake wish
3500 0x001E922C 唐山 - 廊坊高速公路 Not an improvement Life Gadget Restart a new
3501 0x001E922D 大兴机场高速公路 HP = 0, therefore team disbanded or Yangling Project shutdown ---
3505 0x001E9231 京哈京津联络线高速公路 Unhappy things are not dropped, inspired from Xiaoxuan (Balala the Fairies 2nd Movie) ---
3600 0x001E9290 京沪京台联络线高速公路 Needs help on real life ---
3701 0x001E92F5 北京 - 蔚县高速公路 Workspace Project: Not enough Badge Points
Yangling Project: Not fit in a puzzle
3801 0x001E9359 北京 - 崇礼高速公路 Invaded by a Dark Force in the workspace Wait
Sichuan Expressways
SH 0x002DC6C1 广元绕城高速公路 Disk cleanup required Go to explorer
SA2 0x002DC6C2 成都市第二绕城高速公路 Doesn't exist in the real world, not related to Sample Libs ---
SA3 0x002DC6C3 成都市经济区环线高速公路 Problem occurred in a Virtual Machine ---
SL 0x002DC6C4 乐山绕城高速公路 Puzzle was glitched (Same colour between puzzle pieces or More than 4 colours) Adjust
SR 0x002DC6C5 南充绕城高速公路 Cannot continue by Program Bug Wait for next release
Misc. (Start from 10000001 / 0x00989681)
--- 0x00989681 关中环线 Yangling Project System Error ---
--- 0x00989682 达州绕城公路 Kaizhou Project System Error ---
--- 0x00989683 西安环城路 Factory Preset tone in Yangling Project Re-new with self-made
--- 0x00989684 西安二环 Drum Machine samples in Yangling Project Replace with processed DFSG-
compatible samples
--- 0x00989685 西安三环 A project is licensed under GPL-compatible free license, but doesn't meet Yangling project guidelines. Varied

If we can record the samples that we bought, then it's fine.