Drivers Comparsion

Name License Open Source? Total Size (GB) Features
BASSMIDI Requires donation if commercial use No Available RAM
VirtualMIDISynth Freeware No Available RAM
OmniMIDI Requires donation if commercial use
(Based on BSD-3
Yes Available RAM
sflist, 192/384Khz support, 24/32Bit, DSD, HCC, as stgiga said
Fluidsynth LGPL V2.1 Yes 2.x: Available
(Pre-2.2: 2 each file)
Very friendly with SF2 Feature
QSynth GPL V2 Yes 1 Same as FluidSynth, but this one uses Qt GUI
LinuxSampler Non-commercial use
only, GPL V2. Hover
here for more info.
Yes 1 Based on FluidSynth
Qsampler GPL V2 Yes 1 Component of LinuxSampler, Based on FluidSynth
SynthFont Freeware (1)
Shareware (2 & VST)
No Available RAM
Timidity++ GPL V2 Yes Available RAM
(2 each file)

The max filesize of one SoundFont is 4 GB (2GB if it's INT32 SoundFont Players).

For FluidSynth 1.x: Extract the favorite voice part that you want to use, for DSF+, DSF-GE, DSFU and Starlight Dream, since the total capacity is 1 GB.

Todo: Maybe we need to program a SoundFont Player that supports large SoundFonts from scratch, or PC Keyboard Sampler (Portatone) with Large SoundFont support (Not using above compoments), as possible.